What's the difference?

I spoke with a bride this week asking me a few basic questions that I realized I didn’t have examples for.

Question 1:  What does a basic ceremony edit look like?


The ceremony edit is included in all of the packages.  The Spielberg includes both the basic ceremony edit and then an abbreviated edit that is a part of the wedding film.  The typical setup for a ceremony shoot uses 2 or 3 cameras.  One will be in the back somewhere providing a wide shot.  One may be in the front shooting towards the bride and groom assuming the space in the church is suitable  And the third camera will be manned by me as I roam around getting different angles and focusing on different little moments as they occur.  The groom wears a wireless mic that will pick up all the vows from both the bride and groom and when available I’ll plug into the soundboard to get a feed of audio from there.

Then in the edit I can pick and choose the best angles and the best audio for that particular moment.

Question 2:  How does the basic edit of the Scorcese compare to the Spielberg? For an example from the Spielberg click here


The basic edit is just that: a basic edit.  The moments and events will still be recorded but the final presentation won’t be as polished.  It’ll consist of basic cuts, no added music, narration, voice over, or use of B-roll.  It still makes for a nice clean presentation, but it won’t be the same experience as the more finely tuned Spielberg.  When it comes my “packages” I like to be flexible so there’s definitely some latitude if there’s things you like and don’t like.  If you have any questions about any of my packages or techniques contact me.


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