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Rachele and Johnny: a teaser

Rachele and Johnny were super fun to work with.  Their rehearsal dinner was a blast and best of all it was out in the countryside.  Growing up in the country and now living in Olathe I relish any opportunity I can to get out of Kansas City. Don’t get me wrong… I love Kansas City, but I love the openness of the countryside.

The actual wedding day was one of the hottest days of the year and Rachele and Jonny were real troopers.  You’d never know it to look at the footage, but it was one of those mid summer days where as soon as you open the door you get hit in the face with the humidity.  Luckily everything was out at the Hawthorne house which made it sooo much smoother to transition from ceremony to reception to photos etc…

Congrats guys!


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