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Laura and Ryan: Steampunk Preview

This goes in my books as my first “steampunk” themed wedding. Also got to hang out with John Iiams. He does great photos. Check him out.

edit: I posted this pretty late last night hence the brevity of the original post. I just wanted to add a few more thoughts in bullet form.
1) Aloft hotel – very cool place. I think the wife and I are going to try to spend a friday night there and explore Town Center Plaza a bit
2) Terrace on the Green – another new place in town and I was super impressed with the manager/owner. A great venue for a wedding/reception
3) Ryan and Laura – can’t get cooler than this… they met at Berklee College of music, toured in a van, and had a steampunk theme for a wedding
4) Jonsi – I normally wouldn’t go with a track from a musician like Jonsi for a wedding but if you reference point number 3 Ryan and Laura were cool enough that I felt like I could use something a little less “traditional” than I normally would. Although I like to think most of the music I use isn’t “traditional” Jonsi is even less so.
5) Ryan and Laura – despite point #3 they are also extremely goofy… which makes them even more awesome


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