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Kate & Matt

This wedding was unique in a lot of ways.

First… I didn’t book it.  My friend (and fantastic photographer/videographer) Mike Varel did.  He unfortunately had a conflict that he couldn’t get out of, so he hired me to shoot the wedding for him.  This was my first wedding I’d ever shot as the lead shooter where I’d been hired by another videographer, instead of a bride and groom.  I was honored that he trusted me enough to have me shoot a wedding that he would ultimately edit and deliver with his name on.  Mike is doing the final edit, but he was nice enough to let me use some footage for my own website.

Second… I got to hang out with Isaac Alongi and his wonderful wife Sandra.  They were the photographers for the wedding and do amazing work. It was fun getting to know them and it always helps the wedding day go smoother when the photographers are talented AND enjoyable to be around.

Third… eight words: Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church.  This church was stunning.  I don’t know if I’ve shot a wedding in a more beautiful building.

Kate was a really fun bride to be around and has a very genuine personality.  It was a beautiful wedding and I wish the couple luck (and Mike since he’s editing all the stuff I shot!)

Wedding Locations and Links: Skyline Salon, Visitation Church, Intercontinental at the Plaza, Kansas City Country Club, Issac Alongi, Mike Varel

The song in the video is by a band from Colorado called The Autumn Film.  They just released a new album called the Ship and the Sea which is excellent.  The track is “Ocean Blue” and is used with the band’s permission.  Visit for free downloads and more about the band.


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