Music, With Etiquette

A common subject amongst the small, independent video world (including wedding filmmakers) is the topic of music in projects.  Mainly, what music can I or should I use in my projects?  As an independent business person, but also as a creative I want to make the best possible film I[…]

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Text Messaging

Me: Just checking to see if you got the DVDs? Will: WOW! O MY STINKING GOODNESS!!! we grabbed the box and brought it with us to her place last night and just watched it!!! We will hire you for anything! it was so awesome!! We both are so impressed &[…]

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The Spielberg

I’m still tweaking the website, but in the meantime I thought I’d do a quick entry about our new package, The Spielberg.  I just finished Will and Alese Overly’s wedding that I shot up in Iowa and am really excited about it.  This is how I wish my own wedding[…]

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