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Snow! 2.0

Snow V2 from Tim Seley Studios on Vimeo. Yesterday was day one of the Snowmageddon 2011 here in Kansas City. I chose not to leave the confines of my warm and comfy home. But I did take a few minutes and got some shots through the window 🙂

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I just realized after posting my last video for Rachele and Johnny that I completely neglected to mention Jeff Short. Jeff (of reclaim|creative) took time out of his busy schedule to help me shoot R and J’s wedding. I couldn’t have done it without him. Thanks Jeff. Here’s a sample[…]

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The Autumn Film House Show

One of my favorite bands came through Kansas City earlier this month. I was super excited about this show. The Autumn Film is a perfect band to see in a house setting. Their songs have depth and they’re really approachable people. If you’ve never been to a house show I[…]

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